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labChoices Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

About labChoices

What is labChoices?

labChoices is a digital marketplace for testing services in India.  The platform allows customers both domestic and industry to easily discover, connect with and test in a safe and secure virtual enivornment.

Why labChoices?

Today’s testing environment consists of numerous labs with varying degrees of competency.  As a customer it is difficult to understand the complexities and offerings  of the testing industry.  labChoices makes this possible in a simple, easy and transparent manner.  labChoices is the perfect answer to this need and helps create a reliable, transparent and secure ecosystem to benefit both users and labs alike.

Who should use labChoices?

Who should use labChoices?

labChoices will be beneficial to users both domestic and industry as well as lab service providers.

Benefits of using labChoices for Customers


Find high quality labs, view and compare prices and offerings


Get a quote, verify that the testing parameters meets your needs and book.


Test securely in a simple and easy-to-use virtual marketplace with Verified and Trusted Labs

Benefits of using labChoices for Lab Service Providers

What are the benefits of using labChoices for lab service providers?

Showcase your lab

Create your lab profile in just a few minutes and gain access to a wide range of customers. Present your range of services, expertise and offerings and more to potential customers in an eye-catching way.

Get more orders

A wide range of customers search labChoices daily to find suitable labs for their testing needs.

Easy access

View new requests, communicate with and exchange information such as quotations, testing reports and invoices with clients.

Customer on labChoices

How do I create my requirements?

You can put in as many requirements as you’d like.  You can either enter the requirements directly by sending us an email, calling us or entering on our website.

Who will have access to my requirements?

Qualified labs will receive a notification informing them about your requirement. They can view your requirement and make an offer.

How can I be contacted?

The lab service provider will be given the option of contacting you either with a call, message or through email.

How can I view the testing labs on labChoices?

Once you confirm a request for a test that suits your needs, details of the testing labs who are willing to fullfil your requirements will be provided to you.

How do I contact the labs directly?

Once you confirm the order, you will be able to communicate with the labs.  The labs will be provided with your complete information after the order is placed and paid for on labChoices

What does the pricing information contain?

The quotation you receive will contain the necessary tests that you requested, the costs for the tests and the timelines for completion.

Labs on labChoices

How do I contact customers?

Once a confirmed order has been received and paid for by the customer,  you will be provided with the customers contact details.

How do I list my services?

You can provide us a profile of your lab.  It will be in our database and once we receive a customer request we will match it with your labs expertise and see if it is a match.

Who will have access to my labs credentials?

Only labChoices will have access to your labs credentials.

How will I be contacted?

You will be contacted either through a call or  email.

How can I view customers requirements?

You will receive the customer requirements via email.

Who decides the prices?

You decide the prices based on the customers requirements.

Pricing for Customers

What am I charged for using labChoices?

As a customer, labChoices is totally free.

Will the charges change in the future?

labChoices for customers is free and will continue to be so.

Is there a security deposit I need to pay?

No there is no need to pay a security deposit.

Pricing for Lab Service Providers

How can I reach a support executive?

You can drop us a mail at

What am I charged for using labChoices?

As a lab service provider, labChoices registration is totally free. Only when your service is purchased by a customer will we charge a small commission fee


What email address can I write to for support?

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