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The biggest Trends in testing of Food, Water, Air and Soil

The biggest Trends in testing of Food, Water, Air and Soil

Speaking to scores of people over the years, we hear these things a lot:

“There are so many labs to choose from…”
“We don’t know if labs actually do the testing they promise”
“I don’t understand the whole process…”
“Can I trust the lab?”

And so many questions leads to confusion, right?  But what if these questions are due to a lack of due process in identifying and verifying competent labs?

Yes there are many more labs today than there ever was.  And yes all of them claim to offer the best services at the most competitive prices. But no, the biggest change in testing labs don’t make finding a lab any easier. They cause more confusion. There’s a big difference.

Travel back in time with me…

A few years ago, the typical testing landscape looked much different.  A few years ago, if you searched for “water testing labs”, you hardly found many results.

Now let’s look at that same search today.

Huge changes. And they highlight the big trends in lab testing:

  • Many more choices
    So many labs are offering similar services at different price ranges. Sales is driving the interaction with customers, not the technical staff

  • Star Reviews
    Most if not all labs have great reviews.  So how is one different from the other?

  • Fantastic Websites
    All labs have a web presence where claims are made which is not easily verified or understood

What does this mean for the customer?

Don’t despair.  There are still labs out there that perform high quality testing and are genuine.  But as more labs come up and the landscape changes, so must we.

Do you find yourself constantly asking about how easy it would be if there was one source to find competent and verified labs?

If your answer is “DEFINITELY YES” then we have some fantastic news for you!

We are officially introducing our new and improved labChoices platform!

The labChoices website is a way for you to find competent and verified labs, quickly and easily.  Unlike other websites you might have tried before, labChoices is a true partnership.

We think of our customers and lab service providers as our partners, helping us change the world for the better!

We don’t just provide you a list of labs and send you on your way, we have created an entire ecosystem built around our labs service providers, meaning that you have the tools and information you need to make the right decision about finding a lab.

What makes labChoices so special?

  • Only competent and verified labs are registered on the platform
  • Our customer service representatives are knowledgeable and will assist you in finding the lab that works for you
  • If you have any issues with the services offered by a lab, you can always contact our help center and we will try and resolve the issue

Now that you know about labChoices and have tried it, we would be happy to hear from you on how to further improve our services and help us change the testing landscape for the better!

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